CoreFirst - Senior Commercial Banker

CorefirstPosition: Senior Commercial Banker
Reports to: Chief Commercial Banking Officer
Classification: Full-Time; Exempt
Location: Denver Vallagio | Englewood, CO
Salary: $93,400-$155,700

Job Summary: The primary goal for the Senior Commercial Banker will be the strategic development of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) lending and relationships, and Owner Occupied Commercial Real Estate lending and relationships. The secondary goal is to produce Investor Commercial Real Estate lending and relationships for the Bank in the Denver metro area shaping the direction of CoreFirst Bank & Trust (CBT&T) in this market. The majority of time will be spent managing and growing the existing Denver relationships and making prospect sales calls to obtain new Commercial and Industrial loans/Owner Occupied loans/Investor Commercial Real Estate loans and deposit and treasury business.  Responsibilities include soliciting, acquiring, and servicing new business from prospective commercial and industrial loan customers with a focus on retaining and expanding existing bank relationships as well. The Senior Commercial Banker will benefit from bank resources which include a working relationship with the Chief Commercial Banking Officer, the Chief Credit Officer, Director of Credit Administration and the bank’s seasoned Credit Underwriters.  A Senior Commercial Banker with strong loan production experience will benefit from the ample liquidity maintained by CFB&T. CFB&T is a community bank headquartered in Topeka, KS, serving principal markets in Topeka, Kansas City and Denver. Typically, loans generated will tend to be larger in size, yet produce immediate loan balances.


Kansas Grain Inspection Service - Grain Sampler, Topeka

KS Grain Inspection Logo

Company: Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Inc. ("KGIS")

Job Title: Grain Sampler - Topeka, Kansas

Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Inc. (“KGIS”) is currently accepting applications for a full-time Grain Sampler at KGIS’ service point station in Topeka, KS. This position is responsible for sampling trucks and railcars to obtain grain samples and prepare these samples for analysis.


HWH Orthodontics - Orthodontic Lab Technician

HWH OrthoLocation: Topeka, KS
Job Classification: Non-exempt, Full-Time
Title: Orthodontic Lab Technician

Primary Accountabilities:
The Laboratory Technician maintains and improves patient’s oral health by fabricating fixed and removable appliances according to orthodontist’s prescriptions.


Kansas Grain Inspection Service - Grain Sampler - Wichita, Kansas

Company: Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Inc. ("KGIS")
Job Title: Grain Sampler - Wichita, Kansas

Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Inc. (“KGIS”) is currently accepting applications for full-time Samplers at KGIS’ service point station in Wichita, KS. This position is responsible for sampling trucks and railcars to obtain grain samples and prepare these samples for analysis.

Successful candidates will receive on-the-job training to use in obtaining necessary licensing. Candidates must be reliable, have strong mathematical and verbal skills, and the ability to work in all weather conditions. A valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, and a strong work ethic are required.

Starting wage of $13.57 per hour. KGIS offers a great benefits package that includes 401(K), health insurance, paid vacation, and sick leave.
For additional information, please contact Terry Colbert at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

CoreFirst Bank & Trust - Call Center Personal Banker - Topeka, Kansas

Company: CoreFirst Bank & Trustcorefirst logo
Position: Call Center Personal Banker
Reports to: Call Center Manager
Classification: Full-Time; Non-Exempt
Location: Topeka, KS [Main Bank]

Job Summary:
A Call Center Personal Banker serves as the point of contact for customers and non-customers who contact CoreFirst via phone or the chat application on our website. Call Center Personal Bankers answer questions about retail banking products and services and direct callers with other needs to the appropriate bank personnel. Call Center Personal Bankers deliver the highest possible customer service as they perform all job duties and contribute to the bank’s business goals by referring customers appropriate products and services.


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