The Lifeboat Game

Whenever CBS has the privilege of providing leadership and/or team-building training to our clients, we believe initiating the training with a game, or “ice-breaker” exercise, is a good idea because it engages the participants from the very beginning. Not a game person? Well, maybe game is not the right word for this exercise.

The Lifeboat Game – one of our “ice-breaker” exercises – Is pretty simplistic. The Lifeboat Game includes 15 participants (with specific job titles/roles), but only 9 participants can get on the Lifeboat because the larger boat is sinking. The team collectively makes the decision as to which individuals are allowed on the lifeboat and the team must be able to defend its decisions. This is not always an easy task, but isn’t that what working with a team is all about?

In conducting this exercise, CBS has realized that we have to work with and through peoples’ values, biases, opinions, etc., in order to make collective decisions, regardless of how difficult it may seem. Ironically, each client we have performed this exercise with has completed the exercise on a timely basis and has been comfortable with the end result.

If your organization would like information on how to administer this exercise with your employees, attached is a flyer with additional information.

It is important for team-building to be a priority of leadership on an ongoing basis. CBS recommends scheduling your team-building activities at least 3 to 4 months in advance, sometimes even a year in advance. Additionally, it is important to outline the information you would like to cover during your team-building exercise, whether it will be laid back and fun or more formal (but still fun!) in a structured office setting. If you need ideas or if you would like Creative Business Solutions to facilitate your team-building, or any other training for that matter, please contact us at 785-233-7860.

What our clients say...

Prairie Band, LLC

Tyler Levier
Operations Manager
Prairie Band, LLC

 “HR Partners is an excellent tool to have in your belt.  Time is taken to be sure that everyone understands every topic, the anticipated outcome, and the steps taken to achieve the desired results.  The solutions provided are prompt, professional, and thorough.  Our management team appreciates the expertise provided by HR Partners in an industry with few diamonds and much rough. HR Partners is truly a diamond in the rough.”