Stone & Story Real Estate Group - Director of Operations

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Title: Director of Operations
Location: Topeka, KS

Are you organized with high integrity and looking for an exciting opportunity to grow and support a growing team that loves to help others live their dream?

Administrative / Operations Tasks

  • Coordinate the purchasing of office supplies, marketing materials and any other business-related supplies and materials on a weekly basis
  • Command Expert - Our CRM Database - ensure Command websites are updated each time we add a new team member/agent/client and as needed with additional updates
  • Field and answer emails and texts from agents and clients daily. Act as first point of contact for agents and follow up on all leads and organize to gather what you need to follow up
  • Maintain Stone and Story monthly calendar and take care of all scheduling including some personal
  • Create Playbooks to document processes and systems and update existing Playbooks
  • Oversee annual client interaction process (36 touch campaign through CRM)
  • Understand systems and lead generation programs to support agents, leadership and team to drive sales
  • Map out, calendar and oversee the execution of all events
  • Quarterly review– evaluate options to control budget & increase satisfaction & production
  • Oversee the execution of surveys sent out to clients and to agents; accumulate responses and draft insights and solutions
  • Create sharable documents of all the lots & land available to build to convert leads to build
  • Update all DH available lots
  • Coordinate all closing gifts and docs

Listing Coordinator

  • Coordinate all open houses with the team per our weekly process
  • Gather marketing material for agents, those include
    • Listing packets
    • Buyer Packets
    • Open House information
    • Listing Binder

Marketing Coordinator

  • Manage client communication in our database management system
  • Create and maintain buyer and seller consultation packages in coordination with Marketing Director
  • Coordinate the preparation of listing and open house flyers, graphics, signage and other marketing
  • Follow marketing calendar for posting on social media as outlined by the Marketing Director
  • Execute daily social media post updates in Canva including new listing & just sold post for all platforms
  • Create lead generating content and landing pages
  • Keep up with current local events and effectively communicate to our audience
  • Update social media insights weekly
  • Manage give-a-ways
  • Create and maintain newsletter, printed and digital with the Marketing Director
  • Update and maintain DH & Stone & Story websites to keep Google rank up to keep leads coming in
  • Follow up on all leads including from the websites

Team Connector

  • Communicate promptly
  • Taking notes at meetings
  • Weekly touch base for supplies and needs
  • Manages all preparation for weekly team meeting
  • Event coordination and manages timeline and process. Those events include:
    • Restory
    • Monthly Outreach
    • Quarterly client events
    • Team parties & training
    • Neighborhood events


  • Believes in the mission of Stone & Story and Dultmeier Homes
  • Lives by high integrity
  • Committed to personal growth and growing the company
  • Passionate about the advantages of Stone & Story, new construction, and DH
  • Curiosity to learn and courage to ask questions
  • Driven to look beyond what is being done to what could be
  • Committed to executing with a can-do attitude paired with grit and determination to make it happen
  • Seeks feedback and open to change
  • Fulfilled by supporting team to be in flow in their gift zone to reach the highest good
  • Engaged to co-create promotions, processes and grow the business
  • Builds strong relationships with clients and within the Stone & Story & DH building team


  • Experience with managing multiple projects/tasks, computer proficiency ‐ experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google and other office/real estate related software
    • Positive, friendly, and supportive attitude
    • Works well on a team
    • Able to problem solve
    • Self-Starter
    • Canva Experience
    • Project Management
    • High Energy
    • Adept at self‐management
    • Realtor License or desire to have one
    • Editing and writing skills
  • Required Education: College degree or High school and equivalent experience
  • Required experience: Administrative Assistant or equivalent, 3+ years

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What our clients say...

What Our Clients Say About Us

"It's not what you say about yourself, it's what others say." - Anon.

We like to think our clients know us best. Here's what they have to say...




Robert A. Shively, CAE, CFRE
Executive Director
Kansas Masonic Foundation

“When I joined the Kansas Masonic Foundation as their Executive Director four years ago I knew that as a small organization I needed professional human resource advice from an outside advisor.  Being an organization of only five staff members it was impossible to provide the level of ongoing consultation needed internally.

I interviewed a number of agencies and immediately realized when I interviewed HR Partners that the talent and expertise they had on staff would be a perfect team for our organization.  I especially appreciated the “legal” help and advice they could provide as well. I am thoroughly satisfied with our partnership and am confident it will last for many years to come!”

“When I joined the Kansas Masonic Foundation as their Executive Director four years ago I knew that as a small organization I needed professional human resource advice from an outside advisor. Being an organization of only five staff members it was impossible to provide the level of ongoing consultation needed internally.

I interviewed a number of agencies and immediately realized when I interviewed HR Partners that the talent and expertise they had on staff would be a perfect team for our organization. I especially appreciated the “legal” help and advice they could provide as well. I am thoroughly satisfied with our partnership and am confident it will last for many years to come!”

Bruce Graham
Chief Executive Officer
Kansas Electric Cooperatives, Inc.

“HR Partners has helped us with those ‘I’ll get around to it’ things such as an employee handbook and updating employee files. The most important benefit is they are a phone call away from peace of mind on all things HR. It is a challenge for any employer to keep up on changes to personnel practices and requirements. The suite of services HR Partners can provide is comprehensive and affordable. The question should be, can you afford not to engage them as part of your employee relations program?”

Gina Stewart
Director, Information Management, Analysis and Reporting
Washburn University Alumni Association and Foundation

“HR Partners provides a screening process when searching for candidates for a position. The phone screens save me valuable time and give me the information needed to decide whether to invite someone to our office for an in-person interview. They also serve as a knowledgeable resource for up to date standards with HR issues. Two of the most significant improvements would be making the hiring process a breeze and having a resource to provide valuable feedback on HR issues.

HR Partners allows you to continue to work on your mission, whatever it might be, while spending less time on HR issues. You have the confidence when hiring someone that they will have the skills/knowledge to the job well.”


Angie Clevenger
Human Resources
Butler Electric Cooperative

“Knowledgeable and efficient are the two words I would use to describe HR Partners.  When I need accurate information in a timely manner, I know I can count on HR Partners!”

Kevin Holland
Vice President
Cook, Flatt & Strobel Engineers

“We started working with HR Partners when we had staffing changes in our Accounting and Human Resource department. HR Partners has been there to assist us in that transition and has become a resource that we plan to continue to utilize. Everyone in their office is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and always very prompt. HR Partners has been able to provide advice and guidance on numerous HR topics and provided a mandatory Workplace Etiquette for our employees. They have also updated our personnel manual in order to provide clear and consistent polices for our employees. HR Partners would be an asset for any company looking for assistance with any human resource needs.”


Gwen Denton
Human Resources Director
Grandstand Glassware & Apparel

“I have worked with HR Partners for over two (2) years in an advisory and legal capacity. The HR Partners Team has made themselves available with little notice when I’ve been in need of their expertise in an immediate situation. They are available when I want to bounce an idea or will just listen when I need to work through a situation. They have assisted with phone screens, job descriptions, policies, unemployment, FMLA, HR audit, and so much more. They are very easy to work with and I have always felt they ‘really’ cared about assisting me and our organization. Their guidance has helped me grow personally in my knowledge which extends to being a better HR Professional for my employees and my company. Thank you, HR Partners!”

Susan Koch
Human Resources Officer
Kaw Valley Bank

“It gives me the peace of mind knowing that we have the support and expertise of Human Resources professionals just a phone call away through our collaboration with HR Partners. I would definitely tell anyone considering working with the HR Partners team that they offer a wide variety of services tailored to the client. The HR Partners team assisted our Company with the revision of the Employee Handbook by customizing it to our needs and culture while ensuring it complied with federal, state, and local employment laws.”


Debbie Robinson
CEO and General Manager
Wood County Electric Cooperative, Inc.

“I have recently used the services of HR Partners to coordinate the evaluation of our CEO. I found their services made the process convenient and easy to administer. HR Partners also helped us to analyze the results of our CEO evaluation survey offering unique perspectives we may not have otherwise picked up on. I’m very happy with the services I received.”


Tambra Offield
Office Manager
East Texas Electric Cooperative

“HR Partners worked closely with myself and our General Manager to develop our new employee handbook specifically to fit our needs.

We were so impressed that when our Board President asked about doing an evaluation of our General Manager’s performance, that we immediately thought of HR Partners.

We can’t thank HR Partners enough for all their help with our GM’s review process.  HR Partners’ knowledge and experience made the process so easy. 

I have recommended HR Partners to all ten (10) of ETEC’s distribution cooperative members for all their human resources needs.”

Joe Koechner
KexRx Pharmacy & Home Care

“I’ve been working with HR Partners for seven (7) years and they’ve been a trusted resource for all of our HR needs.  From creating our Employee Handbook, Job Descriptions, assisting with the hiring process and terminations, they have been a much needed and valuable partner as our company has grown from one location with six (6) employees to five (5) locations with over forty (40) employees.”

Dan Beal
McElroy's, Inc.

“When McElroy’s first started in business, there were not the extensive Human Resources compliance requirements that there are today.  HR Partners has assisted us by formalizing our policies and updating our employment records to make sure we meet these requirements.  This has enabled McElroy’s, Inc. to focus on what we do best and continue to provide ‘Service You Trust’ to our clients.”

Sandy Warren
VP Operations
Capper Foundation

“Consultation services provided by HR Partners proved a valuable resource for personnel matters and in updating our personnel handbook. As we continued to grow in staff size, we found an on-going retainer with HR Partners a great fit to support management, policy and training needs. The HR Partners team is professional, knowledgeable and creative in their approach and we can have confidence in managing employment matters with their involvement and understanding of our organization.”

Michelle Meier
Kansas Medical Clinic

“HR Partners has built an exceptional company with some of the most proactive professionals I’ve seen in a long time.  We hired HR Partners with a human resources 911 issue and were in much better shape within two weeks!  Kristina Dietrick, President of HR Partners,  is also great as a speaker and motivator for your staff.”


Martha Bartlett Piland
President and CEO
MB Piland

“We have worked with HR Partners on multiple occasions.  Since we’re too small to have an HR advisor on staff, we have relied on HR Partners’ expertise in reviewing our employee manual and other HR-related documents.  HR Partners has also been available for advice when needed.  They are thorough, straightforward and focused on positive outcomes.  I am always confident in HR Partners’ counsel.”


Brent Boles
Schendel Lawn and Landscape

“Schendel worked with HR Partners in several different capacities over a five state area. HR Partners answered our questions about employment law, helped train our management staff to be better leaders, and ensured our employee policies and procedures were legally sound and in the best interests of both Schendel and our co-workers. I've always found the HR Partners staff to be very knowledgeable, friendly and easy to work with. The relationship we formed with HR Partners helped protect both our company and our co-workers, and I feel it was very beneficial to Schendel."

Ross T. Hendrickson
MRH Insurance Group, Inc.Group, Inc.

“I want to thank you and your team again at HR Partners for your amazing work in securing a high quality Customer Service Representative (CSR) for our Topeka MRH Insurance Group office. Without a doubt, if it were not for your company’s ability to understand the different paths to communicate our need, we would not have been successful in securing in our opinion, the very best CSR in Topeka. HR Partners was instrumental in providing the strategy to secure such an individual for our company and my workings with each and every member of your team was professional and impressive. I shall ever be grateful for your assistance in helping our company grow in Topeka and northeast Kansas by securing the right MRH Team Member for our operation.”

Kelly Liby
Anesthesia Associates of Topeka, PA

“Kristina and her team are a dynamic and reliable group to work with.  Whether there is a crisis or you’re looking for strategic planning, they will handle it in a responsive, knowledgeable manner.  When I need a speedy answer which I can depend on to also be the right answer, HR Partners delivers.  This is a talented, smart group and I highly recommend their services.”

Tom Meyer
Kansas Grain Inspection Service, Inc.

“HR Partners has been instrumental in ensuring our company is in compliance with ever-changing government requirements.  Equally as important, they’ve helped us effectively deal with some of those out-of-the ordinary human resource issues that pop up from time to time.  They have been accessible and very pleasant work with.”